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***We receive many articles which don't completely follow the guidelines below. Many miss our requirement for a one/two line teaser. Once you have sent us a synopsis for an exclusive article and we have given you the go ahead to write it, please ensure that all the guidelines are followed so that we don't have to ask you to amend it. Please remember that you must send us a synopsis BEFORE writing the article ***

Many thanks for your interest in writing an article for In the first instance, please email our editor Chris Goodfellow at with a short synopsis of your idea. If agreed, the article should then adhere to the following guidelines: 

  •  All content must be exclusive to and not published elsewhere either online or in print
  • All content must not promoted a specific product or service. It should be advice or opinion-led
  • Articles cannot contain keyword links with the body copy although we will provide a byline at the top or bottom of the article with a link to the author's website homepage
  • All features must be targeted specifically at our audience of entrepreneurs running UK-based small businesses. The majority have under 10 employees so saying things like 'HR department' may not be appropriate
  • We do not allow SEO keyword links within articles which promote a particular company, product or service
  • Word count between 600 and 1,000 words
  • Deadline will be specified by the editor
  • Please supply a short credit for the author – e.g. 'Donald H Taylor is chairman of the Learning and Skills Group and the Learning Technologies conference' with a website address for further information
  • All in a word document please. Please use single spacing after full stops if possible – otherwise we have to take the extra spaces out. All website addresses referred to should be visible in the document i.e. no hidden links please as these get lost in the transfer into our admin system. And simple layout – all formatting also gets lost in the transfer, so there is no need to try and make it look pretty
  • English not American spellings please: 'Organisation' not 'organization'
  • All job titles should be written in lower case.
When submitting copy, please suggest a headline and write a short one/two line teaser. For example:
  • The evolution of learning technology
  •  Technology correspondent Jon Wilcox takes a look at the past, present and future of learning technology. 
Please note that the features that we run on site are opinion or advice pieces – we do not run case studies – and should be about the subject matter in general and not a veiled advert for the writer's company, product or service. All material should be exclusive to unless otherwise agreed.
If you have any questions on the formatting or structure of article submissions please contact Dan Martin on
We enjoy good working relationships with many regular contributors but occasionally have to send articles back to authors for re-writing. This is normally because either they are way too long, are written in too corporate a style, have drifted away from the brief and are no longer really about small business issues or have become a sales pitch. We always endeavour to make suggestions as to how to resolve any difficulties.
Summary of key facts:
  • Exclusive material only
  • No case studies
  • No promotional copy or keyword links
  • Word count: between 600 and 1,000 words
  • Include author credit
  • No fancy layout - in a Word document please
  • Include a suitable headline and teaser
  • All job titles to be written in lower case
  • Spell out all links; UK spellings; single spacing after full stops
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